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Take charge of your body weight, health, and future. With the awareness of weight's crucial role in our overall well-being, there has never been a better time to prioritize our health and combat unwanted fat.

Our Customized Zerona Weight Loss Package Includes:

LIPO-LASER ZERONA SESSION Lose inches and fit into those "skinny jeans" with our advanced non-invasive laser technology! Our state-of-the-art technology targets stubborn areas up to 5 cm deep in just forty minutes, leaving you feeling fantastic and confident. Say goodbye to those banished jeans, and hello to a slimmer you!


TODAY: $89

WHOLE-BODY VIBRATION THERAPY SESSION Unlock the power of whole-body vibration therapy to battle cellulite, sculpt beautiful skin, build lean muscles, enhance circulation, detoxify, ignite metabolism, and beyond in only ten minutes!



WHOLE-BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATION! Focusing only on weight isn't helping you! Instead, focus on understanding your body's composition, metabolic rate, BMI, and body fat percentage. With this knowledge, we can develop a personalized plan to reach your ideal weight and improve your health. And the best part? You'll have one-on-one guidance from a Functional Nutrition Practitioner. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity.



COMPREHENSIVE WEIGHT LOSS AND NUTRITION ASSESSMENT Are you exhausted from constantly battling your body to reach your desired weight? There may be underlying reasons if you find yourself constantly hungry or struggling with carb cravings. Discover instant solutions with our exclusive health and weight loss assessment. Our assessment offers essential insights and tools to rev up your metabolism, build lean muscle, and melt away stubborn fat.





How does our Zerona Laser keep you in fat burning mode?
  • Opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell
  • ​Liquifies the fat
  • ​Causes the fat cell to shrink
  • ​Accelerates fat burning
  • ​Speeds up metabolism
  • ​Is immediately accessible for elimination from the body

Introducing the Zerona

Get ready for a breakthrough treatment that requires no surgery and no downtime. Introducing Zerona, the FDA-approved low-level laser that targets fat in multiple areas of the body. This non-invasive laser is the first of its kind to produce the best results for reducing circumference. Say goodbye to stubborn fat with this cutting-edge technology.

When you combine our body sculpting and weight loss into one fabulous program,

the results are also fabulous!

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Hooray!! 13.6 Pounds lost in 3 Weeks! Jumping for Joy!!
13/5 Pounds in 2 weeks. Pretty amazing. Feeling good. Best decision ever to start this program.
Just when you thought you can't, you can...NEVER give up as the greatest reward is at the end. You can do it!

Pagani Cryo T-Shock

“It’s all about the collagen.”

Pagani Cryo T-Shock is Italian technology for “non invasive” fat loss, body contouring, face & body toning, rehab therapy (amazing for crepey skin).

Our Other Services

Infrared Sauna Pod

"Heat & heal from the inside out."

A dual-detox; burn up to 600 calories, strengthen your immune system using full spectrum near & far infrared light therapy.

NormaTec Compression

"Recover and Rehab"

Compression molds to your body using three key pulse patterns to mobilize fluids and blood flow for fast recovery. Increase range of motion & flexibility.

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