Why is it So Easy to Be Overweight in America?

The World Health Organization's recent report is a stark reminder of the magnitude of overweight and obesity today. Every pound counts - literally!

  • With each extra pound of fat a person carries, an approximate additional mile of blood vessels comes with it! Your heart wasn't meant to have to pump extra blood through those extra miles of blood vessels. Unfortunately, these added pounds can lead to serious health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  • Additionally, your stomach, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder haven't been designed to digest excess food, so digestive dysfunction occurs when the wrong types of foods or overconsumption cause undigested food to sit around in the gut to putrify and rot, resulting in autointoxication, leaky gut, and small intestinal bacterial or fungal overgrowths, which can result in autoimmune disease, and even cancer.

  • Each extra pound carries with it not only dangerous health risks, but the joints feel four pounds of pressure for every pound, leading to the deterioration of the joints and compression of the spine, resulting in physical pain caused by these imbalances within your body mechanics. Skeletal misalignments are permanent over time.

What you choose to do now will determine how healthy your body is in later years; be mindful about taking care of yourself so that those golden years remain as vibrant and alive as they should be!

This is a powerful motivation for us all – stay healthy now while you still have time!

How Does Ballantyne Weight Loss Center Help You Lose Weight for Good?

Ready to kick-start your weight loss journey? Ballantyne Weight Loss Center has teamed with Chironutraceutical, giving you access to all the nutritional ingredients necessary for long-term success. This natural dietary supplement helps keep your body in "fat-burning mode" by aiding fatty acid transportation and metabolic processes and boosting detoxification so that you can reach those goals quickly!

Take your weight goals to the next level and discover life-changing results in only 6 weeks with ChiroThin! Through this revolutionary program, you will enjoy healthy anti-inflammatory foods that help convert stored fat into energy while losing an impressive 10-15% of your body weight right from home without prepackaged food or strenuous exercise. Now is the time to make a lasting impact on your body's future success!

The final step to ensuring that the weight loss is permanent is the four weeks of training the body to accept a new metabolic set point, or in other words, a new homeostatic state. Only when the body learns your 'new normal' can you avoid the rebound weight gain, which is the body's response in attempting to fight for homeostasis.

ChiroThin Nutritional Support

Holistic doctors uniquely design the ChiroThin proprietary formula to support burning your body's fat reserves for energy instead of muscle when taken with a low glycemic, low-fat diet designed specifically to support the body's nutritional needs. It also supports the gentle removal of toxins, helps to reduce your cravings, and improves your energy levels safely.

The ChiroThin formula is a liquid you deliver to your body under your tongue, which is the quickest and easiest way a patient can self-administer the supplement. Our patients tell us it's the easiest weight loss they've ever experienced.

How Affordable Is It?

Our program is more affordable than any weight loss program that we've been able to find when you compare the cost per pound of loss. It's more affordable than you think when considering the cost of not losing weight! Not to mention the future savings of medical costs that may occur if you remain overweight.

Choosing the ChiroThin program is a smart decision that pays off! There are no shakes, bars, or expensive pre-packaged foods to buy. With diet guidelines and food purchased at your local grocery store, most people save between $50 to $100 per week over their traditional eating habits, so not only will you feel better overall with this transformative lifestyle change - but it's budget-friendly too!

Ballantyne Weight Loss ChiroThin program is the perfect combination for weight loss success and improved health and well-being. Get started now!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect?

Most clients experience weight loss between 10% and 15% in the six week losing phase of the program, although individual results vary.

How Many Calories Do I Eat Daily?

You won't be counting calories, you'll be weighing your food. A digital food scale is recommended. You'll be intermittent fasting and confining your meals to an eight hour feeding window each day. You'll consume lean protein, low glycemic fruits and vegetables, four ounces each, and there are also several free vegetables that you can also eat, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms, red onions and more.

Will I be Hungry?

We typically don't get complaints about hunger...on the contrary. Some people ask if they have to eat all of the food in the program, because they are not hungry, and that answer is yes. The body needs the nutrients from the food we recommend, and the ChiroThin nutritional formula. The formula was developed to add nutrients to the diet plan so together they provide nurishment to your body's cells, and when the cells are nurished, you don't have hunger or cravings, and the body is comfortable letting go of unhealthy fat.

Is it safe?

Absolutely, the proprietary ChiroThin formula has no contraindications with any medications, and help nurish your body well. The diet plan is a low fat, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic diet, which is recommended for weight loss. The body does ultimately need healthy fat, so the diet plan is recommended only during the losing phase of the ChiroThin program, not as a way of eating for the rest of your life.

Will I Gain the Weight Back?

Maybe...that depends upon you. There three primary reasons why you will gain the weight back.

  • Every obese patient has something going on inside of them that contributes to their weight gain. If you don't get that in balance, it will be difficult to keep the weight off. For example, if you have a depleted stomach mucosa, and insufficient stomach acid, this impedes digestion, and causes malabsorption. If you don't fix this issue, it's possible the weight will come back. Learn about our lab testing that can help you in this regard here: CLICK HERE

  • You likely have unhealthy behaviors that contributed to your current weight. During the program, we are teaching you how to eat healthy. If you eat the way we suggest after your program, then you shouldn't gain the weight back, but if you start eating sweets and saturated fats, or over consume for your weight, then of course, the body has to deposit the excess as fat.

  • Lastly, the body likes homeostasis...even if it's not healthy. Meaning, your body has likely learned how to adapt and compensate for your current daily routine. It considers that state, your normal state. And when you start a weight loss program, that is an abnormal state. When you are done with weight loss and you achieve your ideal weight, you begin to eat with a healthy lifestyle, but not in a reduced calorie state. When that happens, the body believes it is time to return to the normal state it was used to operating. Therefore, to be successful in keeping the weight off, you must teach the body the new homeostatic state...it's new NORMAL. Our program, included creating this new setpont.

Does it work for thin people?

The ChiroThin program is not designed for people who are not overweight. You must be overweight to participate in the program.

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